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About T2P

Travel To Publish /T2

We are a professional photographer and a communication specialist ready to carry out your photoshoots!

Cristian, a photographer with keen eye for details and 20 years of professional experience will highlight your products and services through refined photos.

Valentina will relate to you, get your briefing and make sure your requirements are fulfilled by styling and coordinating the shoots for images to be consistent with your brand identity.

We realise pack shots, staged still-life, lifestyle and action photos to make your brand shine!

Cristian Corradin & Valentina Flores Dorio

Photo courtesy Axel Piperno

Cristian Corradin

His career in photography starts in 1997 and he has been on a trip ever since. After only 3 years from his beginning, he establishes long-term collaborations with several important Italian and international magazines specialized in surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and he realises photo shoots for important Italian fashion brands as well. 

His experience working with specialised magazines leads him to create his own surf magazine Dreams Up Life in 2007 and fully focus on it. After carrying out the publication for 7 years, his love for surf and its culture gradually takes him to leave the performing and reporting side of surfing for the elegant and poetic one, and bring him back to Guéthary, his beloved village in the Basque Country where he decides to settle with Valentina and to combine their competence to create Travel To Publish. 

So he now devotes his skills to different branches of photography: fine-art, architectural, interior and advertising.

Valentina Flores Dorio

During her Fine Arts Architecture oriented studies in Italy, she develops a strong interest in communication as creative environment and she starts her professional career in advertising working for communication agencies and important Italian architecture and design magazines for about 10 years. After several short and long stays abroad for graphics and language studies she moved to Buenos Aires and obtains her degree in Public Relations. Back in Italy she dealt in international trade for a while. She eventually decides to settle with Cristian in Guéthary,  where she can combine all her expertise and passions. Co-founder of Travel To Publish, she is responsible for marketing, communication and, along with Cristian, art direction.

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