About Travel To Publish

Travel To Publish is an Fine Art Photography gallery born in Guéthary in 2014 from the combination of professional skills and passion for art, surf and travels of Cristian Corradin, Italian, professional photographer since 1997, and his partner Valentina Flores Dorio, Italian-Argentinian, in fine arts and communication for 20 years.

Waves and surf are the leitmotiv of the collections but shots show also other surf related areas as well as natural and urban landscapes.

In the range of subjects and styles, all photos are characterised by a precise calculation of light and angle and a scrupulous eye that captures the best of a wave, a subject or a landscape.

Cristian Corradin

His career in photography starts in 1997 and he has been on a trip ever since. After only 3 years from his beginning, he establishes long-term collaborations with several important Italian and international magazines specialized in surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and he realises photo shoots for important Italian fashion brands as well. 

His experience working with specialised magazines leads him to create his own surf magazine Dreams Up Life in 2007 and fully focus on it. After carrying out the pubblication for 7 years, his love for surf and its culture gradually takes him to leave the performing and reporting side of surfing for the elegant and poetic one, and bring him back to his beloved village in the Basque Country where he decides to settle with Valentina.

Atmospheres in his photos become more intense, some of them more realistic some others more “impressionist”. Cristian’s attention to detail is not confined to photographic technique, but it covers the thorough selection of the most meaningful subjects and moments in surf culture and tradition.

In this evolution, he wishes to diffuse everlasting printed photographs instead of vanishing digital contents more than ever so his partner and he lay the foundations for a new project: this is the birth of Travel To Publish.

Cristian Corradin & Valentina Flores Dorio

Valentina Flores Dorio

During her Fine Arts studies in Italy, when she also displays some paintings at local street art exhibitions, she develops a strong interest in communication as creative environment and she starts her professional career in advertising working for communication agencies and important architecture and design magazines. Her interests evolved and took her to Buenos Aires where she attends several graphic and digital animation courses at a renowned digital arts school. Then she works as a graphic designer in Italy for a while. But her passion for travelling does not let her stay behind a desk so she heads to California for further English studies and then gets a job as export assistant. She works with the marketing department and travels across Europe becoming familiar with international trade and logistics. With the view to return to the communication sector, she goes back to Buenos Aires and obtains her degree in Public Relations. At that time she has gained very good language skills and once back to Italy, she works as a Project and Communication Manager for an international trade local company. She eventually decides to settle together with Cristian in Guéthary,  where she can combine all her expertise and passions. Co-founder of Travel To Publish, always close to sliding sports, she is responsible for marketing, communication and, along with Cristian, art direction.

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