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Valentina Flores Dorio

Eclectic mind, low patience! After graduating from Fine Arts school in Italy, she displays her paintings at local street art exhibitions but she also develops a strong interest in communication as creative environment and she starts her professional career in advertising working for communication agencies and important architecture and design magazines for a few years. Her interests are varied and take her to globetrotting for pleasure (art, surf), work (export managing duties) and studies (digital arts, languages and communication) until her master degree in Public Relations in Buenos Aires (valedictorian).

After a short period back in Italy, her passion for board sports made her travel again and soon decides to settle together with Cristian in Guéthary where they combine their expertise and passions and establish Travel To Publish Photography.

She has been responsible for marketing, communication and, along with Cristian, art direction.

Once back to the art univers, her passion regrows little by little and she starts drawing and painting again.

She takes her inspiration from her daily life by and in the ocean. 

Minimal drawings and watercolours that capture the pure movement of waves and surfers. 

In 2021 she finally decides to launch her first collection of drawings and watercolours and Travel To Publish Surf Art is born.

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Travel To Publish  

Surf Art

Environmental commitment

I try to diminish our impact as well as to give you high quality products.

I chose committed suppliers for prints and printing supports. They offer maximum quality through a sustainable working process. 

I decided to use just one kind of paper for fine-art prints and I chose the Hahnemühle Agave 290g, a museum quality paper produced with only 30% of cotton and 70% of agave, a more sustainable cultivation.

Cartons used as supports for prints are recycled from a local logistic company and our packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

Travel To Publish

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