Photo Trips

Every year we organise a few photo trips abroad

and several touch-and-gos here in the Basque Country, both in France where we are based and Spain.

During our trips we take photographs for our gallery, our sponsors and partners

and you can join us onboard!

Heimplanet / Basque Country
Déjà-Vu Wetsuits / Basque Country
Pyrenées Atlantiques
Reef Shoes / Basque Country
Luc Rolland Surf / Heimplanet Tents
Déjà-Vu Wetsuits / Luc Rolland Surf
Grain Handplanes / Basque Country
DéjàVu-Luc Rolland / Basque Country
Déjà-Vu Wetsuits / Basque Country
How it works

You just need to choose among the upcoming trips, provide us with the products you want to get photographed and let us know the kind of photos you need (lifestyle, packshot, details, etc.), we will take care of the rest!

The two of us will be your photograph, communication specialist, stylist, and models taking care of your shooting!

During our stays we will take photos of your products

worn/in use, in nature, in detail according to your brand image.

We will anticipate some photos along the whole period, then the rest of the material after the trip is over.

Same thing can be applied on the French Basque Coast where we are currently based.


Since it's not a private tailored photo shoot on commission,

fees are much lower

Instead of considering the whole service,

prices are simply fixed according to the amount of photos provided, the type of file requested (Low-Res and/or Hi-Res)

and their use (online or offline)

You can choose among different standard packs starting from small amounts or we can fit your budget with a tailored proposal.

Contact us for more details!

Trip Wall
December 2018

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